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You can post anything about the shipper of Sun/Michael. Pictures, icons, fanfic, discussions; anything relating to them.

You can NOT post a comment that bashes Jin and does not mention Sun or Michael.

If you are posting fanfiction, please write the subject as "Fic: [Title]" and include a rating in the header. All ratings (G - NC-17) ARE accepted. As long as it has Sun and Michael together in any sort of a romantic way, it is accepted here.

If you are going to post something about an episode that just aired, please put the information behind an lj cut until at least the day after the episode aired. This is only fair to people in different time zones.

Enjoy the Sun/Michael love!

We now have an affiliate! snuggly_lost is our first affiliate! Go send your Sun/Michael fics (G - PG-13 ratings) over to them!